Aerial vs Satellite / Freeview vs Freesat

I am looking to replace my TV but I live in a poor reception area what should I do?

Since the digital switchover many people have seen their aerials become inadequate for digital television. Sometimes people live on the fringes of TV reception. Enter the battle of Freeview vs Freesat. What’s this Freesat I’ve heard about? Well it’s almost the same channel line up as Freeview but instead of using an Aerial to receive TV reception there is a Satellite Dish. However it’s not really a battle, if you’re in a good Freeview reception area then you should opt for that. Coverage can be checked with the Freeview Coverage Checker.

However Freesat is useful if you’re in a poor reception area as it uses a satellite dish to receive TV signal and what’s more there is no subscription, just like Freeview. Both are now available in HD to compliment your lovely new HDTV.

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