Communal Systems

Communal Systems

With over 10 years experience we believe we are leading television and satellite specialists in the South East for installation, servicing and maintenance of communal viewing systems. Whether you are looking to receive digital television reception throughout your office building, or want to ensure your new build property or apartment block is digital compliant for your residents, we have the necessary expertise to meet your requirements.

Common services we provide

DTTV – Digital Terrestial TV. The basic of communal systems, providing standard digital television access through an aerial to designated apartments, hotel rooms or communal properties. This is the basic requirement to ensure your clients, tenants and guests can receive digital television reception.

IRS – Integrated Reception Systems. Using a single aerial or satellite dish installation, you are able to provide digital television services to a range of properties with your building or communal properties. These systems are widely used throughout the United Kingdom, and provide a relatively discreet service without the necessity of many individual satellite dishes or television aerials.

SMATV – Satellite Master Antenna TV. Widely used within the hotel industry, SMATV systems provide satellite viewing to many rooms, without the need of placing individual set top boxes/receivers within them. Each channel will be designated an individual receiver which can be stored securely within the building.